How it Works

How it Works

The Loowatt toilet uses a simple, patent-protected mechanical sealing unit to contain human waste within biodegradable film in the most efficient way possible, with a unique odor-inhibiting system. The waste is then stored in a cartridge beneath the toilet, for periodic emptying, which can be weekly or daily, depending upon level of usage and capacity.

The Loowatt sealing unit can be built into toilets of any shape, size and specification, using off-the-shelf parts and local materials to maximize value.

The sealing unit is about the size of a shoebox. It separates liquids from solids, locks out smells, and contains waste.
The toilet body can be made in many materials and shapes, however the IP protected sealing unit is the same for different toilet designs.
Toilets around the world need to meet many types of needs: Sitting, squatting, household toilets, VIP festival toilets, urban community toilets. Toilet A is configured for household use, while B is for many users.


Loowatt is well suited to any location where a high standard user experience is required to be matched with an eco-friendly, off grid and financially sustainable toilet solution. There are many benefits.


The sealing and storage system is easy to use and does not require electricity. It safely contains material to reduce servicing time and equipment requirements for the operator.


The toilet is designed for linking to anaerobic digestion systems, which means it provides a source of biogas for cooking, electricity, and other applications. This gives users the exciting opportunity to create energy that offsets capital costs.


The system reverses the cost of disposal, turning waste treatment into a profit opportunity.


The toilet delivers high-standard sanitation without the need for electricity or water-based infrastructure.

High Standards

The efficient and odorless toilet provides visitors a pleasant experience compared with existing products.

Our toilet seals waste into biodegradable lining in the most effective and efficient possible way.